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January 19, 2013


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Heidi German

Oh, BOO! That stinks. :( I hardly ever sell on that auction site anymore and the feedback policy is one of the big reasons. They've tipped the balance of power so that it all resides with the buyer rather than the seller--seems buyers have carte blanche to behave terribly and the sellers have no recourse to protect themselves. I don't believe for one second that they "can't" remove that unfounded negative feedback. They can, they just WON'T. I'd rather give my listing fees to sites that are more friendly to sellers.


Beth, do you get those annoying what can we do better calls from seller support? I get them and if I am feeling particularly testy pick up (I have caller ID). MY biggest pet peeve is that as a seller you cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer. I have settings that prohibit people with a certain feedback score from bidding on my items, but with no negative feedback this artificially inflates the scores, so these twits can bid on my items. I have been lucky enough to not have too many, thankfully. I have, every time I spoke with them mentioned this stupid practice to them and asked how do they get a lower score? If you can only leave positive feedback you only get the low scores on the non-payers. They try to justify it by saying the sellers used the negative feedback too liberally and that is why they removed it. They must think I am really, really stupid to by that one! I then regale them with how that makes no kind of logical sense at all and they must think I am a moron to buy that one. I get nothing accomplished on the call, but feel better when I hang up knowing I made them squirm. Just keep on doign what you do and don't let the morons get you down! :O) If I have the least issue with a buyer no matter how slight, I block them from bidding on my auctions. Sorry to have to do it, but you gotta!

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