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October 05, 2012


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Laurie magpie ethel

I always enjoy the line chat and the crazy people. Love the descriptions of the wackos in your neck of the woods. Glad you got lucky today, I COMPLETELY STRUCK OUT!

Cathy Ring

I think some of the same people are in line in my neck of the woods. You forgot to mention the person who arrives with large bags and proceeds to fill them once the door opens. She usually puts back half of the stuff after she has gone through all of it. God forbid you get in her way. I enjoyed the description and pictures. good to put a face with a description. show us your christmas goodies you got.



When I manage to get to an estate sale it is usually in the afternoon or the next day afternoon...when everything is practically gone, ha. Actually, I basically go to check out the vintage homes & reflect...most were in or associated with show business. I love how most of them have bars and lots of cocktail stuff - so Mad Men. Sadly, I hear some stuck up rich younger person at the sale say, "oh, I'd gut that kitchen/bath, put in grantite (barf!)...and, worse when they deface the homes & turn them into huge gray box structures!...makes me sick. Their are a handful that do appreciate MCM, but not enough.
Also, I am terrible at estate sales because I grieve for the person I never knew! I have respect for their belongings/treasures and I will buy something and think of them..I get very sad for the generation that came before me because I always feel that I was suppose to be in THEIR generation...esp. the ones from the 1940s...and, now they are all dying.


I don't get to many estate sales here.Sounds interesting and fun. Like I said-you should write a book about your adventures!

Detroit Picker

Nice post! We hold our cards pretty close where I'm at. I rarely hear folks talk about their deals. Some companies here don't take street numbers and that makes a mess. I've witnessed fist fights in line because people accuse each other of holding places etc. Still though I love the hunting and picking. My favorite part is that so much stuff will end up in the hands of people who will treasure it. I've found things in trash on the curb that some people collect. You just never know. And yeah, I am the lady with the black trash bags but when you are good you don't need to go thru them until you get home :-)

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