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October 29, 2012


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Kim Kenward

May you be safe and sound from the storm. Have fun crafting!!


Already I can't wait to see how they come out...enjoy your fun time...and keep safe....smiles...Renee


Looks like you're well stocked to weather a storm!! Have fun (?). WIll be thinking of you folks out there!

Brooke H.

Hi Beth. My thoughts will be with you this evening and in the coming days this week. Being from Oklahoma, twisters drop from the sky on us out of nowhere, so we have time to run to the shelter or hide in the closet and that's it. No preparation time at all because we never know who the target will be at any given moment during tornado season. I can't imagine getting the notice of an impending storm and having time to prepare. Sounds like a better deal, but also gives a lot of time for the mind to work and worry. So, as it seems you are planned and ready, I will do the worrying for you from the middle of the country. :) Stay safe and we'll see you on the flip side as you said.

laurie magpie ethel

At least it looks like you are easily occupied if the worst hits you (which I hope it does not!). Good luck! You looked well prepared!


Thoughts and prayers from Florida!

Glad you are prepared with "work" to do!

Stay safe!


Into Vintage

Ha! You'll show that storm that nothing gets in the way of vintage crafting! Stay safe. :-)


Oh my you have quite the stash to keep you busy! J

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