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September 20, 2012


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That bathroom is pretty nifty, but pots and pans in there? Kind of unappealing salesmanship, isn't it??


Too funny E. Maybe you need a pair of those camera "glasses" you can wear - that really would be stealthy LOL. My stamps arrived today, having fun sorting through them! Thanks. J

Cindy Is Crafty

Beth, that is my pet peeve, too. The sellers that think they are selling the holy grail! I try to gravitate to the helpers that seem more price friendly. Like when I go to the Goodwill register with an item not priced. I know which to go to get it for a song and the ones to avoid. I like that most of what I go for, like what you do, they think is crap and price it pretty cheap. I am OKAY with that!


Love the vintage bathroom tile...it looks like aqua and black on my screen, which is very pretty.


Hi Beth! Oh Such Fun. Love the pics, but I just take the camera with...no one says anything. If they do I tell them I blog and folks just love to see the vintage stuff so they can reminisce,
oh I give them a business card too and then ask if it's ok. Nobody minds.Sometimes they even suggest things to take pics of ;)


Beth, I am still trying to get over the pots and pans in the fabulous green bathroom! I love your stealthy photographs. Today I opened my pincushion and am absolutely in love with every detail. You make vintage magical!!!! Elizabeth

paula lynn

thanks for sharing,a good reminder that you can still find some cute stuff.thanks for sharing.

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