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September 10, 2012


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Wow-- such adventures! You should write a book! "True Estate Sale Stories!!"

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I have yet to meet such rabid first-in-liners and hope to never have the pleasure! Glad you got out of there safely and with lots of good treasures -- Christmas haul sounds amazing!

Into Vintage

So envious there are so many sales that you can afford to be picky. My tiny town has an estate sale only every few months. It's also very casual -- no warriors waiting in line that I've seen. :-) I agree, it's only stuff! And speaking of, I came across that exact same little village and it sold right away last winter in my etsy shop. Such great scores you have!!


I can relate,I saw a lady go over and stamp on a guys crystal goblets. She proclaimed she had them first and hid them and if she could not have them neither could he. They get pretty nasty in my neck of the woods.


I haven't decided if I go to estates sales for the show or the goods....I think you need a No.1 t-shirt and a trucker baseball cap for the next one! Go get'em Beth....smiles..Renee

Cindy Is Crafty

Beth, that is too funny! I went to one on Sunday at the end of the day when it was all 1/2 off. The prices were super low already so I walked out with a tote bag full for $10. My best score was a shoebox sized box of vintage Christmas bulds with three stings of lights with the vintage metal reflectors. Some of the bulbs in the box were Santa shaped. I am looking forward to using them in some Christmas brooches. Sounds like you scored mightily!

laurie magpie ethel

Lucky with the number one position this past weekend huh? You did great on the Christmas stuff and a double bonus to have no one shopping while you did. I think I have seen just about everything at estate sales...what a strange world of crazy characters.


I love reading about your adventures. You should write a book.Great finds-love the vintage patterns and those little Christmas houses.

Anne at Kitschy Vintage

You have to watch out for those crazy people at sales. I was almost pushed off a porch at one and the man who shoved me almost knocked over the elderly woman letting us in the door! You summed it up when you said "It's just stuff, people!" Let's keep some perspective!
I love those little houses -- recently got a similar set at a rummage sale for 50 cents and couldn't believe my luck.


I love reading your sale stories. I wonder what it is about being number one when their are only two people around. I can understand when their are 15 that it would give you an edge, but with 2?


Hi Beth!
Wow you have been very busy. Love all the new designs and your finds are wonderful. I agree with others you shud write anither book...Nightmare on Main Street--The Estate Sale Dreams....I'm sure you could make it a collection of books with different subtitles under Nightmare. HEHEHE

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