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July 21, 2012


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Just caught that show the other day with the blonde. Wanted to scream when she came in all gussied up. Flipping through her iPad waisting all her time in one booth. Totally, staged. Guy with the hat way over done....Great finds...smiles...Renee


Hi Beth! I actually enjoyed Market Warriors, but I do understand what you're saying. I enjoyed this post, too! Maybe I mostly liked MW because I really liked John Bruno when I used to watch him on the show "Personal FX", and I was really happy to see him again! I'll watch the PBS show again - and yes - I'll be on the lookout for you, girlfriend! I always enjoy seeing what you bought - you always seem to find great things!

Kim Kenward

Never heard of the show and now I'm curious. Great finds and awesome post...I see Christmas bulb reflectors!!

Mitzi Curi

I agree that Picker Sisters was a terrible show. Totally lame! And regarding Market Warriors, I had the opportunity to audition for the show in Chicago. It was really exciting, and I thought I did a great job answering the questions. Of course, they picked a blonde....the story of my life!


I did like the camera work, as they followed the pickers. They managed to convey the feel of endless bounty.
I thought it was funny that she was wearing heals, having a hard time walking in the gravel, and am disappointed to find out it is staged. Still, I enjoyed watching it and will probably do so again. It fills in the flea market void in my life.


Heh Elizabeth - I'm sitting here watching Market Warriors (the one about costume jewelry) and am not enamored (hate the music)...Oh well - TV seems to be saturated with these kinds of shows these days(I still remember when I accidently came across Storage Wars (OMG)late one night). The blonde is obnoxious... Wish I could have browsed with you...J


I'm totally tired of all the pawn, pickers, pretend bargain-hunting shows! The originals were sort-of fun but even they have become hackneyed.


Hmm, I haven't seen Market Warriors yet but most likely I would be with you on it, isn't is a dead rule NEVER to say you have a certain amount of money to spend? lol

Anyway, how are the prices at the DC Big Flea? I thought about making the trek (I have family in Baltimore) but when they did a Big Flea there it was kind of pricey I heard. Cheers!

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