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July 02, 2012


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Debra Ganas

I was wondering how you fared. I have been checking your blog for a few days. So glad to hear everything is okay.
Sad so many lovely mature trees went down.


Thinking of you and hope you are able to get a cool breeze soon. It was so fierce and the pictures show it. Sorry to see the damage but glad you are okay. Smiles...Renee

Priscilla G

I am so sorry to hear the news and see the pictures of your hometown. I am, however, glad that you are safe. Take care and I hope for better weather for you soon!

laurie magpie ethel

I was watching the news tonight and heard the word derecho for the first time. Sounds like quite a crazy storm. Glad you fared reasonably well compared to others...those pictures are insane.


I am glad that you are safe and hopefully things will get better quicker. We had a huge ice storm a few years back that looked a lot like your area - trees down, caved in rooftops and cars smashed. I must say, as bad as it was, I am glad it was during the cold, because I do so hate the heat. I bet you were miserable!


Wow, very dramatic storm. I am glad to hear you are ok. I hope things work out well for all the folks who's homes were damaged, I also hope no lives were lost.

Musings from Kim K.

Yikes. I've been wondering how you were doing. Those pictures are unbelievable. I'm so glad you are ok. Thinking of you and all of those who were effected. Hugs.


Hi Beth! We too were hit by the storm at 4p. I was outside in sunshine..went down to my house, 1 acre away, came back up to Mom and Dad's, went in for some water for a planter..it was breezy and cloudy....turned from the planter to see what I thought was a wall of water coming up the small valley where my house sits. Not water..wind...very fast wind and as I looked up before entering the back door I saw limbs spiriling not coming straight. Spent Sat. cleaning up debris and trees. We were in a huge tornado in 73' that went over our house from one hillside to the next and missed our culdesac by going over and it sure looked the same last Fri., but no they say...fine. So glad all is well with you.

Cindy Is Crafty

Glad you fared well, Beth! It hit here in Central Va, but not as severly as there. We lost power for only 7 hours. I feel sorry for the people that still do not have power. They showed some people on the news last night that were sleeping in their truck with the air on as their house was too hot. Wow!


I'm so glad you're okay. No fun though coping with the after effects. Hope they get it cleared away soon and power is restored.Hang in there!

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