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May 23, 2012


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ellen patton

I'm right behind you (June 18th)!


Have a very Happy Birthday!
My mother turned 52 just this past March, and as I love her dearly, I will tell you 52 is a fantastic age! :)

Blessings on your special day!


Happy Birthday Miss Beth...not a day over vintage...smiles...Renee

Cindy Is Crafty

Happy, happy birthday Beth! ...and many moooooooore.....

laurie magpie ethel

HAPPY HAPPY DAY BETH! hope it is a doozy of a day!


Well, happy birthday, Birthday Girl!! Hope it was a great one!


Happy happy happy! (repeat 52 times...)

Corey Moortgat

Happy Birthday, Beth! Mine is tomorrow, so we're almost twins!


I turned 59 on Monday....it is starting to matter to me....maybe Im turning into a banana.

Gloria in Virginia


Have a happy day. Love your blog!


Beth, Hope your birthday was GREAT!!!! XOXOX

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