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April 22, 2012


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I could not agree more! People really do not understand that they're not providing the atmosphere of a shop, or the experience, or the expertise. If they want those kinds of prices (not that they're going to get them), they need to rent a booth or find out how much work it is to sell online. My only satisfaction when I go to a sale like this is knowing how much they're going to have left at the end of the day. Sorry you've had a couple of bum sales experiences - me, too, and they haven't even been interesting enough to blog about!

Corey Moortgat

Oh dear, what a couple of experiences you've had lately! I'm finding that a lot of thrift stores seem to be adopting this attitude lately. The prices I see on some things are crazy, just because the pricer knew the item was "vintage", yet didn't know anything else about it! I see higher prices than antique stores many times. It's crazy!

Tami Kenner

What a story Beth!
People are so funny..my husband always says, just because it's old doesn't mean that it's worth a lot of money! lol
You have some very interesting experiences out there shopping! I love reading your stories.
Have a great week... xoTami

laurie mapgie ethel

I went to a sale the other day where they had printed out page after page of items from Ebay. Each item for sale had a matched Ebay page with a similar or like item and the prices were crazy high! I agree that sometime people think they are sitting on a VINTAGE goldmine. They will have a driveway or houseful at the end of the day tho..those prices just don't compute.

Cindy Is Crafty

That is insanity. Some people greatly overestimate the price of their goodies and then stand their ground when you try to point out the error of their ways. It is complete madness!


Beth you have nailed it with these last two posts. My trips to the thrifts have been fewer and fewer and the estate sales even less. Seems the vintage vibe has become trendy and everyone wants a piece of it. The treasure in these items is the find often and once that is spoiled so to is the fun. Smiles...(I didn't forget my items..yet) Renee


Like you it is hard to "escape" without saying something. I often wonder if another family member who has slept in "gave them" the ideas. Yes the ads are "key" to the sale,ya gotta read them with "vintage" eyes.


UGH! I hate those sales and there seems to be more and more of them with all the shows on TV like American Pickers, or Auction hunters. Everybody thinks just because it belonged to Grandma, it's valuable!


I just stumbled across this post and just had to chime in, it makes me crazy what people charge at so called "yard sales". I had a yard sale and did use the word vintage (because 90% of my stuff was) and I was completely sold out in less than 2 hours. Why? Because I sold it for YARD SALE PRICES! I also sell on ebay, etsy and in an antique booth but when I put something on my driveway I don't expect ebay, etsy or antique booth prices. Sheesh, had to get that off my chest. Feel better now :)

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