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January 30, 2010


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pat sloan

these are just the cutest things EVERY!!!! so cheerful!


oh my goodness! these are sooo freaken cute! what a great idea for a wreath. I dont know which I like better the pink or the yellow. happy saturday!!


This is one of my favorite things you have made so far.Darling!


Haha those are awesome.


Oh those are just too great! I love it!!
Hugs, Lisa

Vintage Whimsy

Ack!! Those are so freakin adorable! Love!!

Meri Wiley

Holy toledo.......that's a lotta' chicks, chicky. I just finished D.Duck for my spring drawing and will be posting it tomorrow so make sure you check in. How's all that snow out there? I hope you're staying nice and toasty with the Mr. By the way....I wanna see a picture of him to see if he really looks like Colin Firth....hottie!



Cute chick wreaths! Thanks for my spinner Valentine tag from Natalea's swap. Very creative....I like it!!




I love them, especially the pink one!


I have never been to your blog before today, But I LOVE these wreaths! Just thought I'd let you know, and based on your blog, we may be kindred spirits...


You are so tweet! I think I will begin hoarding. Have a great week ahead. E


The yellow wreath is great, but something about the pink one is fab-a-licious. It needed a new word. Too thing of all the times I passed by picking up little chicks when I saw them at lawn sales, in the bottom of a box of decorations. Not any more.

black eyed susans kitchen

Peep, peep, peep...serious cuteness going on over here!!
♥, Susan


Talk about a stash of chicks! Great idea for the little suckers!

Mom Wald

Soooo, what you're saying is that you have some hot chicks at your place.

Hot pink chicks at your Etsy place that is!

Jennifer Hayslip

You are SOOO not nuts! EEEK! I adore them!!! :) Thanks for making me smile. XO,Jenn

Carol Hansen

I surprised myself. I actually really like the pink chicks creation.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Yes, you are a crazy beserk nut!!!! LOVE IT! Such a happy cheerful sight those little chickies are in the cold of winter. Hope you are well and your health is 100%!

Cheryl Miller Mosaics

Pink Peeps!!!!! Adorable!--Cheryl

melinda cornish

they are adorable~~~~

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