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December 19, 2009


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Sandy McClay

WOW!!!!!! I hope this stops soon! It will take days to get back to normal, huh????? I hope everyone had what they needed to hunker down for a while. I can remember winters like this when we lived in Ohio.....crazy snow! Take care! And think hot! :) Sandy out in Sunny AZ....

Dawn gahan

My sister lives in Baltimore and is sharing similar stories. We both wonder why blizzards make people buy bread and eggs. We get the toilet paper thing, but eggs??


What a Beautiful Blanket of White...she says from Florida wearing shorts!


It's so pretty, especially because it's in YOUR yard! xo, suzy


brrr! cold! no snow here! other then just a dusting. I think we're supposed to get some towards the end of the week.. just in time for christmas traveling.. uhg!

Judy @ daily yarns

Great pictures...We got some snow but not THAT much.

Jayme L.

The gnome on the swing just cracks me up! Beautiful pics. Merry Christmas!


I'm so dissapointed by the lousy 6 or so inches we got here. On the other hand, cleaning it off the cars this morning was not fun. Enjoy all the snow!


Wow that's alot of snow! And that gnome is just too cute!

black eyed susans kitchen

Your little gnome on the swing just totally cracked me up!! Too funny! We also got a bucket load of snow...festive and annoying. Stay warm my friend.
♥, Susan

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