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March 29, 2007


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Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage.

What gorgeous finds, don't you love it when you can see something just ahead of you, it grabs your attention and you really want to run, but you have to keep your cool in case someone else has seen it at the same time and races you for it. Laura has actually run for something and I was so far behind because I was laughing so hard at the sight of her running across the grass in high heeled shoes. Lucky we don't have to do that often in thrift stores! Fabulous finds, yes you should brag it gives us something to strive for. have a happy day. Linda Oh thank you sooooo much for the typepad picture hints, what a difference it makes!


Beth always finds the coolest stuff! We make the best shopping partners because we always share our great finds! xxoo,suzy


Ah, an addicted thrifter - I am one of those too. Yesterdays great find for me was a yard of hand-crocheted lace...I bought other stuff too but the lace - I wish I had another baby that needed a baptism dress... :(

I will have to photograph it sometime...it was only forty-nine cents.

As to your wonderful table-cloth - I would commit a crime against it and cut it into a purse or something...ducking and running.


Good job finding such fantastic treasures! I need to go out and hit some antique stores soon. It's been awhile and all your little goodies inspire me!


Great tablecloth. I have a very similar apron, in new condition and the tag says it is made from "cactus cloth". Who knew? There is a photo of it somewhere on my blog.

I need to go back through your post now and get acquainted.



OMG, i am dyin over that tablecloth! hee-hee, our thrift stores aparently suck compared to yours! LOL!

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